Nominate a distinguished citizen or youth volunteer for Mayor’s awards

The City of Kingston is calling for nominations for the 2015 Mayor’s Awards for Youth Volunteerism and First Capital Distinguished Citizen/Honourable Achievement Awards.

Nomination forms can be found at <>. The deadline for nominations is April 18.  The award-winners will be celebrated at the City of Kingston’s Canada Day celebrations on the steps of City Hall.

The Mayor’s Award for Youth Volunteerism recognizes individuals up to 24 years old, while the First Capital Distinguished Citizen/Honourable Achievement Awards are open to nominees of all ages.

The Mayor’s Award for youth volunteerism recognizes young people who have:
•       demonstrated leadership in terms of challenging themselves and others.
•       shown care and compassion for members of the community, particularly those with special needs.
•       overcome personal challenges during the course of donating their time to volunteer.
•       motivated others to achieve and strive for goals and has mentored fellow youth and others.
•       proven to be special people who personally contribute to improving quality of life in the Kingston community.

Nominations are accepted in three categories: Grade 5 to 8; Grade 9 to 12; and post-secondary (under age 24 by April 18).

Nominees should be outstanding citizens of Kingston who consistently contribute to the overall quality of life in our community. Nominees may have extensive volunteer service in one of these areas (or others):  culture, recreation, heritage, sports, health, education, health care, environment, safety, volunteering and business.

The nominations forms are also available at the City Hall reception desk. For more information contact Elizabeth Cashman at <> or 613-546-4291 ext. 1355.

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