Extending Transit Passes for all Youth

Moved by:  Councillor Mary Rita Holland

Seconded by:  Councillor Peter Stroud

Whereas the City of Kingston has initiated a program to provide free public transit for Grades 9-11 in Kingston public schools; and

Whereas Grade 12 students do not currently have access to affordable transit but rely on transit to access employment, volunteer and extra-curricular activities; and

Whereas students cannot apply independent from their families for an Affordable Transit Pass as it is based on household income; and

Whereas many Grade 12 students operate independent of their parent’s finances after completing high school, yet do not qualify for free or affordable transit after Grade 11  or until they are enrolled in post-secondary education, leaving a gap that can create negative, lifelong impacts on their educational and employment activities; and

Whereas the City of Hamilton offers a “Summer Youth Pass” from the period from July 1 (Canada Day) through to and including September 2, 2014 (Labour Day) which provides a summer-long pass for the price of one month, youth transit fares

Therefore, be it resolved that Council ask staff to provide options for a free or low-cost summer transit pass for Grade 12 public school students to be made available July 1, 2015 through to and including September 7, 2015.

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