Strengthen our Public Services

  • improve access to public libraries
  • provide year-round washroom facilities for public parks
  • create express bus service that connects main routes (Montreal/Division/Counter) in the north end to amenities in the west and central areas of the city
  • maintain and improve where needed important public neighbourhood assets such as outdoor skating rinks, tennis courts and splash pads in Kingscourt-Rideau

Strengthen our Neighbourhoods

  • invest in replacing sewage infrastructure and protecting homeowners against weather-related disasters
  • create community hubs in under-capacity schools to provide a variety of programs and services, including child care, community gardens, justice services, library services, recreation and arts programming, community kitchens, financial literacy, social services, youth, family, and seniors programming, immigration services
  • continue to ensure services exist to retain and attract residents to Kingscourt and Rideau Heights neighborhoods

Strengthen our Community

  • provide property tax payment assistance
  • work with private business to develop more affordable housing options including rental units and supported housing
  • strengthen and enforce by-laws and codes around the health and safety of buildings used for low-income housing

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